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Ethics in Advertising Essay - 1263 Words

An American unnoticeably views three thousand advertisements in a day, many of which use women and sex appeal to get consumers’ attention (Kilbourne). Advertisements subconsciously affect our lives, and often times not in a good way. Also, women and young girls are usually the ones that compare themselves to thin models featured in ads. Advertisements not only impact how women view each other, but also how they view themselves. Women and girls strive to look like the retouched and Photoshopped models, which can lead to serious issues including eating disorders, extreme dieting, and excessive plastic surgery. But what these women and young girls look past, is the fact that advertising companies use Photoshopping to completely change†¦show more content†¦If a model is not perfect, the computer makes them perfect. According to Kilbourne’s documentary, Oprah Winfrey’s head was once put on the body of actress Ann-Margret for a TV guide magazine, merely because Oprah wasn’t skinny enough. Simply put, advertisements are lies. Advertisements psychologically and physically affect women. In a study by Ann Becker, (shown in Killing us Softly 4), girls who watched TV three plus nights a week were 50% more likely to say they looked â€Å"too fat† than girls who watched less TV, simply because these girls were viewing too many â€Å"perfect† women. More often now then ever before, advertisements are causing issues to women’s health, including, eating disorders, extreme dieting, and excessive plastic surgery. All these components are ways women change their physical appearance to look more like the models they see in advertisements. What these women look past is that these models don’t truly look like that, and they have been retouched. According to a New York Times article published in 2009, titled, A Move to Curb Digitally Altered Photos in Ads, â€Å"there is a big concern that girls and women feel excessive pressure to live up to the digitally Botoxed and liposuctioned images o f human perfection they see in glossy magazines,† (Pfanner). For instance, my friend is a perfect example of a girl who has been succumbed by the pressure of the media. She hasShow MoreRelatedEthics of Advertising1230 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment Advertising is a tremendous and powerful way of providing silent information as to how consumers should interact and present themselves. From the ethics class, we realize that the messages help us to see the meaning and possibilities in the things we purchase. It also helps consumers to liberate the direct meaning that lie below the surface of the products. For example, the Volkswagen advertisements have turned the automobile company into a social statement. Advertising has become aRead MoreThe Ethics Of Persuasive Advertising1278 Words   |  6 PagesJackson Catalano Business Ethics Ethics of Persuasive Advertising Each day we are bombarded with advertisements from a plethora of corporations in every waking moment of our lives. Advertising agencies have become so advanced at what they do, that often times we may not even realize we are being advertised a product. This raises an interesting ethical dilemma over a certain type of advertising: persuasive advertising. Philosophers, economists, and business professionals have debated over whetherRead MoreThe Ethics Of Marketing And Advertising937 Words   |  4 PagesJacob Darbonne 8/26/15 MKGT 3100 Ethics Paper What is marketing? Marketing, according to Investopedia, is â€Å"The activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service. It includes advertising, selling and delivering products to people.† In even simpler terms, it’s how a company or business buys/sells a product, and the way in which they do so. Marketing is aimed towards consumers, or us the buyers of these products, and the best advertising will have us begging for the productRead MoreThe Ethics Of The Advertising Industry1320 Words   |  6 Pageson the ethics of the advertising industry. Some questions will be answered like: should companies be allowed to collect/sell client’s info? Should targeted online advertising on the basis of user’s profile and demographics? Should there be a ban the sale of surveillance technology to non-democratic countries? Keywords: targeted online advertising, surveillance technology, non-democratic countries, false advertising, ethical theories, code of ethics. Ethics in the Advertising Industry. Ethics is aRead MoreThe Ethics Of Advertising For Children1731 Words   |  7 Pages Congratulations, it s a †¦ Consumer! The Ethics of Advertising to Children Ishaaq Beg ENG4U Ms. Lodi October 22nd 2015 Ishaaq Beg Ms. Lodi ENG4U October 22nd 2015 Advertising to Children â€Å"The consumer embryo begins to develop during the first year of existence. Children begin their consumer journey in infancy, and they certainly deserve consideration as consumers at that time† - James U. McNeal, Youth Marketer. Companies have their sights on kids for many reasons, butRead MoreEthics in Alcohol Advertising3960 Words   |  16 PagesMarketing and Ethics Introduction Marketing is a commercial right in many countries; it gives information to consumers about brands and choices, and also helps businesses with the selling of their products. In a market economy; some businesses are expected to act in a way, in which they have their own best interest. The field of marketing is there to create sustained competitive advantage. This advantage can only be achieved, when an organization does a better job than its competitors by satisfyingRead MoreThe Ethics Of Electronic Advertising916 Words   |  4 Pagesdecades have changed how businesses approach current and potential customers. Advertising strategies have transcended traditional mediums and have evolved to infect new technology mediums. The Internet opened the doors to new possibilities and it is no different with advertising. Every new era has some new invention that calls into question its ethical standards such as the radio, television, computer, and now the Internet. Ethics concerns the moral prin ciples that govern how a person or organization shouldRead MoreEthics of Deception in Advertising2384 Words   |  10 PagesEthics of deception in advertising: Why is deceptive advertising morally objectionable? 1. Introduction In the world of today, the role of marketing within the business community has increased exponentially. Nowadays consumers are presented with countless purchase opportunities, numerous providers and various points of value. In order to attract and retain their buyers, economic agents devise and implement a wide array of strategic efforts, including the creation of strong and aggressive marketingRead MoreAdvertising Ethics 23861 Words   |  16 PagesOne of the most controversial areas of marketing has long been that of advertising to children. Today, advertisers are focusing their ads at younger and younger audiences, many of whom are still in diapers. The reason that adverters are targeting younger and younger children is that they are trying to establish â€Å"brand-name preference† at as early of an age as possible. (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2006) Marketers are now using psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and behavioral scientistsRead MoreEthics in Advertising Essay2614 Words   |  11 PagesEthics in advertising to most sounds like the definition for irony. However, the practice of truthful advertising is commonplace in today’s society. Advertisers are held accountable for the messages they produce. So too are the manufacturers, whom are held accountable for their products meeting the standards set forth by the advertisement. For the most part this is a self-regulated practice. Once an advertised product is called out for not living up to expectation, recovery of reputation and

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